Wedding invites

Following a coffee, a skinny muffin (can you believe Starbucks makes these) and some cup-cake consultation, I leave the happy couple and their quest to locate their wedding rings and head to Paperchase wondering whether my offer of making the invites was a sensible one. Half an hour later, card blanks, new prit stix and fancy paper in hand I head home with a wee bounce in my step and a smile on my face.  What could be a better way of spending Sunday afternoon?

Ok, two options I thought. I knew my favoured design, was however, not the one they’d choose…

Homemade wedding invites
The two options

I loved the simplicty of the dotty number, but it was very subtle and following a quick chat with the lovely ladies, the stripey card was their prefered choice… afterall  it is their wedding and I wanted to give them something to make them happy. 

Homemade wedding invitations

My favourite

Stripey homemade wedding invite
The prefered option

Luckily, for me, the ceremony is going to be a small and intimate affair, so I only had 14 to make. A couple of hours later, and a discussion as to what words they wanted inside the cards (a designer can only do so much), a little bit of help with aligning the copy, choosing the colours (it’s all in the detail) and cutting the paper straight (thanks Rob!)  my batch was produced.

Homemade wedding invites
Three hours later…

The last task, gift wrapping the cards. I know this may seem strange to some, but to me it’s all part of the process, the dotting of the ‘i’s’, or the icing of the cake. I think it was worth it and hope when I pop around to drop off my creations to Val and Jas tomorrow evening, they too will be equally pleased. x

Wedding invitations
The icing on the cake

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