I am addicted to making beaded stars…

Hello there.  It’s Friday evening, I have a glass of vino in hand, I’ve just munched on a cheese muffin, Desperate Housewives is on Sky Plus, as such it’s time to upload my latest creations.

Tasty cheesy muffins

Last Christmas I received a Cox & Cox star making beading set, nothing too ominous there. A few weeks ago, feeling festive, I decided it was time to give them a go. Again, nothing untoward. That was until I made the first set of stars and ran out of my star wire frames. Frantic to get more, I searched the Interweb and found a beading site (whoop whoop). I ordered 20; surely that was more than enough to make some Christmas gifts for my special friends. Mmm, you would have thought so.  Alas no! I am now down to my remaining 3 star skeletons and I’m getting the shakes.  I have made more than enough for gifts, yet I’m itching to get more. I am hoping that if, I perhaps, say it out loud I may be cured? I am a star making addict.


Mmm, maybe it’s not an instant cure? Irregardless, here’s what the beaded monster has done to me. Enjoy 🙂

Ok, not sure whether these illustrate the sheer quantity of stars, or my addiction?  If not, sure you’ll get the picture with my gallery pixs…

Well, my next challenge is to find a way of using my lovely stars in a more creative way than just giving ‘everyone’ I know a wonderful Christmas tree decoration. Maybe a task for Sunday. Until then x


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