The baby craft fest…

Well we have been blessed with two gorgeous little gals of late; Jasmine Lola Ruddick and Chloe Violet Fulton.  Well, after scouring the usual places for suitable gifts, I decided the best way forth was to create; a perfect excuse to get crafty.
Ok, s0 the gals are nearly a month old, but let’s hope the proud Mummies and Daddies like the Wendy House originals.
Ok, so I cheated a wee bit with the cardi’s, but my Mum did knit them and it’s surprising how long choosing the right buttons took.

Carefully selected buttons

My main focus was not on the cardigans, as lovely as they were, but was making pretty the baby grow and bib essentials. I had, initially, hoped the get funky coloured grows and bibs, but given the choice of pastel pink, blue and yellow, I went for the safe option – white.  By the way if any of you know where I can get vibrant coloured baby essentials, please let me know…

Ok, well seven baby grows and 10 bibs, where does a lady start?  It all began with the buttons, lots of different buttons.

Ok, I could not resist the four pack of stripey booties, how sweet? Plus, as you’ll soon see they became a vital prop for the photography.

What girl can resist sunflowers?

Thanks Dawn!

Despite the simplicity and ease of simply attaching buttons to the items, I did feel as if I was cheating a wee bit. A ha, time for applique…  I was somewhat inspired by my mouse mat from Paperchase and once I found wobbly eyes at Hobbycraft I was on my way.  Please note, I did get special glue to attach the eyes, I did not want unhappy parents on my case.

Wobbly eyes rock!

Been green and thrifty, I also checked out my sewing box for inspiration and found some previous creations lended themselves well to this project.

Previous applique flowers

The prototype from Lois' Christmas pinafore

 By now I was getting seriously in the the swing of things and it was time to bring out the big boys, a ha my sizzix… One lunch time and £50 lighter on dies, but I think it was worth it. 



Little Miss LB

Finally, the one I was waiting for…


I am hoping that the final three designs are ‘baby friendly’, I did use super duper bonda web that apparently does wash well… We will soon find out.

 So, what’s a gift without the wrapping?
PS: don’t worry if your have a baby boy due soon, I have purchased some cool robots xx

One thought on “The baby craft fest…

  1. These are gorgeous Wendy! You could try dying the white ones to get the vibrant colours your after. My washing machine DID survive after putting in the red dye, and the results were really good. We’ll have a trip to boyes soon! x the website really doesn’t tell you anything about the haberdashery but is quite amusing!!!! maybe you could have a word with them about their marketing strategy … 🙂

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