When crafting gifts just don’t cut the mustard…

Well it’s a beautiful night in Newcastle, I’m listening to the delightful Brenda Boykin and I was drinking a lovely cup of cha…

Port Meirion Dawn Chorus tea cup
Thanks for my lovely teacup Jen x

Ok, that was until my sis called to discuss holiday plans and all of a sudden a small glass of Tempranillo appeared in my hand. Ok, I digress. 

Last weekend we were in full party mode, however, not the type of ‘partying’ I am accustomed to. It was two of my favourite gals (lovely Lottie and Lois) third Birthday parties.  Being the lovely Aunt I am, honest, I decided their presents needed a little handmade touch. Plan A, simply make a wee applique owl for their cards; sounded easy enough.

So, off to my ‘Sew Fantastic’ class on the Wednesday before the parties with two and a half hours to create some owls, I had it all under control. Well, that was until I decided wouldn’t it be lovely to make the owls into brooches so they can use them long after the party is all over. 

Two hours in, the owls were cut and appliqued, but the clock was ticking. I decided to cut class, get back home and finish them here. 

A h’owling’ success?

Needless to say, I returned, only to find out the cards were too small. Plan B???? Ok, I can make special cards and be creative with the execution of my owls.  Hence, Lottie’s bithday card…

A bit of an owl theme

Obviously, Lois’ card was very similar; ok the same.

Friday arrives, I arrive dash home after work, wrap gifts (with special ribbon and child friendly paper) and head down to see Lottie Lady; feeling a little smug; who’s going to be be the best Aunty ever? Needless to say, Friday evening involved an ‘adult’ catch-up which inevitably included a few glasses of wine. Next thing I knew, some god awful hour Saturday morning; “Aunty Wendy, are you going to watch Lottie open up her gifts?”, my retort, “Sorry, I just need little hour more.”

I pulled myself around and at what, I believed was ‘early’; it was before half nine, I head down to see the birthday girl who has a new right arm; a Buzz Lightyear would you believe?  

Lottie’s new right arm

“Did Lottie like her gifts?”  “I really like the owl, I might borrow it myself”, said mum. Mmm, Lottie is a quiet,sensitive child, who loves to read and paint (her mum’s an art teacher!)

You see, she does like crafting…

How could she not appreciate the love and care that went in her owl brooch? Being of a curious nature, I probed further; “Buzz? What’s the attraction?” “Bells, whistles, lights, sounds, wings that pop out…”

What can I say to that? She is three… Perhaps when she gets to, ummm how old, she might grow to cherish her tatty homemade owl. A valuable lesson learned.

On a brighter note, Lois’ owl was transformed into a sweet pix thanks to my very special Liberty material.

However that being said, I think she probably preferred her ‘Hello Kitty’ cup x


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