Something for the boys… the baby boys!

Good evening all, it’s that time again, time to add some of the House of Wendy creations. There has been a baby fest in Newcastle of late, another two beautiful baby boys; a big welcome to the world to Aaron Micheal Hall and Floyd Watson Moove.

A precedent was set with the last set of baby gifts, so off to Mothercare for my blanks, Hobby Craft for more super duper bonda web, and Sizzix dies at the ready. Here goes…

Home made baby clothes

And they do!

Hand made baby clothes
Up, up, up and away…

The next set is a bit special (IMHO); baby Floyd’s daddy is a music man and I put down my sizzix, got the tracing paper out and tried to create his label…

Wack music; smoove and turrell; handmade baby clothes
No caption needed

PS: if you like funky grooves check out daddy’s tunes; – they rock!

Well, enough of the products, let’s see them in situ… 

Handmade baby clothes

Aaron snoozing

Handmade baby clothes

Like Father, like son?

Handmade baby clothes
A content baby boy

Well, to be honest, I did begin this post back in August and it’s taken two months to complete it… Surprise, surprise, in the last two months we have had another two more additions to our happy flock; think there’s something in the water in Newcastle!  New babies = new baby clothes. I won’t bore you now, but there has been some progession on the design front, including a dinsoaur creation (with wobbly eyes!).  Watch this space x


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