‘t is the season to get crafting

Fa la la la la la la la la… Yep, Christmas has offically begun in the House of Wendy. Two days of mad dash shopping, six bags of gifts to be wrapped and presents to be made.

I have gone a bit left field and, hoorah, not a baby gift in sight.  I have progessed to Next’s age 3-4 section. T Shirts as opposed to baby grows… Four wee ones, one reindeer, and voila…

Handmade christmas reindeer t shirts for wee girls
On the fourth day of Christmas, Aunty Wendy made for me…
Yes, this Christmas is mostly about reindeers, reindeers of the felted variety with red button noses. 
Reindeer appliqued T shirt
I decided that today was a good day to try out my free embroidery foot on my sewing machine… I also found out that felt and jersey with bondaweb is not the best combination to use this foot for and that I also need more practice, a lot more practice… I am hoping that the girls don’t have a good eye for detail or else the gifts will be returned. Actually, I think the wobbly stitching gives it that unique, handmade feel; who am I kidding?
Not content with four gifts, well that and the sudden realisation that three weeks time is ‘C’ day, I decided I had better use the ‘blank’  cards I had bought from Papechase.
Handmade Christmas cards
Sent with love…

  Ok, a little predictable I know, Christmas and reindeers, but they do look cute.  Plus, I used the bondaweb cut outs for some of them so I get a big thrifty tick.

Handmade reindeer Christmas cards
Recycled reindeer bodies

 I did try adding my Hobbycraft wobbly eyes, but just thought it was perhaps a tad over the top.

Wobbly eye fetish?
Not content with my predictable reindeer theme, I went a step further and decided snowflakes was a good idea.
Snowflake ‘tastic

I had bought a rather spiffing punch from Cox & Cox, and once I sussed out how to use it (with a little help from little Miss W), I spent an evening raiding my paper box and punching out flakes of loveliness. 

Well, about 40 cards made, perhaps I need to  get a Santa stamp, or maybe buy some  proper cards? Nah, not as much fun x

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