New Year = new night class

Simple, it’s January which can only mean one thing, time to learn a new craft. I was hoping to enrol on a jewellery making course but by the time I got myself turned around there were no places left at the inn.  There were, however, spaces on the ‘Batik, silk and fabric painting’ course.

Week one, I arrived fashionably late (I did get lost, to be fair), so I was on catch up from the word go. I was given an embroidery hoop and a piece of silk (TT: make sure you have your silk really taut). In the middle of the table there were a range of patterns you could choose from. The idea being you place your silk hoop on top of pattern and use the gutta (water resistant gunk in a tube) to trace your pattern onto the silk. Simple 🙂

I decided it would be easier to draw free hand with the gutta, so off I went. Before long a selection of flowers and swirls materialised.  (TT: don’t squeeze the tube too much as the gutta spreads and what you think are dainty lines soon turn into chunky monkeys!)

Once you have your gutta outline drawn just let it dry, probably 20 mins.  This can be aided with a whoosh of a hair dryer if you are impatient like me.

Now the fun part, painting your silk. Now, there are no instructions needed for this part, well apart from you obviously need to use silk paints!  Once all is dry you MUST iron your silk, as this is what sets the paint – I’d advise you to remove your silk from the embroidery hoop at this point.

Given I used an invisible gutta (you can get various different colours); the final stage was to give my silk a wash. This is when the magic really happens the places where it looks like you’ve painted over the lines just disappear. And voila, my first attempt.

Silk painting

My first ever attempt

More later x

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