Week two in the silk painting night class

Suitably enthused by my first attempt at silk painting, I headed to Fenwicks haberdashery at the weekend and stocked up on materials.  My silk painting starter kit included; invisible gutta, silver gutta, 5x pots of silk paint and 2m of silk.

Silk painting tools

Tools of my trade

I think that cost about £35, which is I thought was most reasonable.  To this I added; Soft headed paint brushes (variety of sizes), my favourite flower shaped mixing palette, scissors, an apron (essential) and my embroidery hoop.

Other essentials

I looked like a proper school swot when I turned up at class with my Dumpling Dynasty bag filed with goodies, but this week I was on time!

Dumpling Dynasty bag packed with goodies

Today’s techniques included blending different colours together and using salt to create interesting textures.

I had some sort of Mackintosh rose theme in my head and used invisible gutta to draw my design onto my silk. Once the gutta was dry (again with the aid of the hair dryer), I painted over the silk with water, mixed up some pretty coloured paint and hey presto. While the paint was wet I sprinkled both coarse salt crystals and table salt onto different parts of the design.  Apparently you can use any type of salt, just have a play.

Silk painting

This one needs a wash

I had previously found some gorgeous Japanese silk paintings online which had used a blending technique. You know, why not aim high? Of course I can create this ancient, traditional and highly skilled art form after two night classes! I decided to go a little left field and push my gutta boundaries, this time choosing silver for my Hokusai inspired design. 

Yeh, just like painting with water colours; not!

I was convinced that blending would be just like painting with water colours. Let me tell this, it’s not!  The subtly and nuances that can be achieved with water colours are not that easy to achieve on silk, well maybe they are if you are Hokusai…  I think that for my next attempt I need to think big patterns and little brushes x


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