The brilliance of brusho

Well, it was the final fabric painting class for the House of Wendy last week and the fun on the table was fabric painting with #brusho.  For those of you, like myself who have not came across this this delight before, it’s basically crystalised watercolour powder which when comes into contact with water does amazing things. 

To achieve these looks, I simply sprayed my fabric with water and sprinkled a small amount onto the fabric. Please be aware, less is most certainly more with #brusho as you will be able to see…

This was perhaps a little heavy handed, I am not renowned for a delt like touch, and I did go a bit over board with the numbers of colours, but it’s all about the experimentation.

Next attempt I went to the other extreme, just using one colour. Very subtle.  And another, just black #brusho – the colours that materialise are phenonemonal…

This time two colours… You can see my confidence is increasing, but you know where this is heading – downhill, very quickly!

Yep, I got carried away and reverted back to a mass of colours which ended up as a bit of mess. Not to fear, my discolourant was near!  I also had popped a wine cork in class bag and voila, nearly a save… But, as I have found out across my last two terms of painting on fabric it’s sometimes the unexpected that creates the best results!  Here’s the piece of paper I had under the fabric, it was my favourite of the whole session 🙂



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