The stork makes another delivery….

Well, the House of Wendy is back on the baby clothes tip.  The high street has been awash with lots of colourful baby grows, so it would be extremely rude of me not to try some new designs.

Liberty fabric inspired baby grows

I love Liberty fabric!

A hug from me to you

This is one of my favourite prints from #Liberty. I bought a metre last year and I am delighted to have used some on my wee babygrows. Loving the cute little mittens – ahhh!

Cute wee mittens

As much as I love the freshness of white on babies, I think these pastels look super duper cute.

I think making baby gifts for gals is so much easier than for young gentlemen; all the flowers and colours seem to lend themselves so much better. However, a friend has asked me to do a couple of box sets for chaps. These are the results…

Not for shrinking violets!

Suits you sir!

As well as going on a shopping spree for colourful baby clothes, I also went left field and bought some hats!

Hats off

I have recently just became an Aunty again, so expect some more creations soon! Until then, if you have enjoyed looking at this why not like my House of Wendy Facebook page? Thanks all x


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