My craft world has been revolutionised thanks to alphabet dies

It has been over a year since I’ve been in the House of Wendy workshop. So, fabrics at the ready and a Mother’s Day brief to fulfil, it was time to get jiggly with it!

I’ve been debating with a design friend of mine, Missus Print (she does fab personalised prints, check out her website if you are on the look out for printed loveliness!) about Mother’s Day and why, oh why don’t the high street do variations on Mother’s Day cards? I know you can get ‘mum’ and maybe sometimes ‘mummy, but very little else. I’m not sure whether it’s a northern thing, but we call our Mother’s ‘mam’ up here. So, as a remedy I thought I’d go down the mam route with my latest designs.


Using some vintage liberty fabric I had squirrelled away, I painstakingly traced my letters using the window (I find this technique works a treat if you don’t have a light box) on to my bonda web, attached to my fabric and then letter by letter cut them out with my embroidery scissors.

It got me thinking about using my sizzix and what alphabet dies I could get my hands on. I did look before I headed off on my travels but all I could find was the large, very expensive ones which would have costed £200+ for the set.

So, an hour or so on the t’internet and I found some priced at about £60 – now that was more like it! An hour or two later still, I eventually found some that were the right font and size – thank god for Tim Holtz that’s all I can say.

I’m always a bit nervy about trying out new sizzix dies on fabric, so I like to try paper first. Luckily, as always, I had some cards to make.

Although my lining up was a wee bit wonky, I was quite happy with my efforts and dug deep into my fabric box. Ta dah, my design for a twitter savvy mam!
I hate throwing out the remnants of fabric from die cuts. I did save them in the hope that I’d reuse, but my three year collection of scraps got binned earlier this year when I realised I was on the verge of craft hoarding. So, I was delighted to find my alphabet die cuts could be used again. I thought they reminded me of a ransom note and the wibbly, wobbly style lends well to my crafting techniques 😉 To add a little more interest I reused some other scraps (from my first design) I’m not sure whether less is more with this design or if I went a dot too far? Please let me know what you think? Thanks all, Wendy x


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