Sao Paulo in pictures #2

No design post dedicated to Sao Paulo could fail to mention Brazilian street art; the ‘Pixacao’ or wall writings smack you in the face as soon as you enter the city and there’s no hiding from the tags that adorn too many of Sao Paulo’s buildings.

20140324-161246.jpg I didn’t know much about the history of said pixacao, or that they were borne out of political unrest of the 40s / 50s; a response to the slogans painted by political parties on the street. Although, they died a death in the 70s, the disenfranchised youth resurrected the practice in the 80s replacing the political terms with tags to assert their existence and self worth; from political to social statements in a couple of decades! To be frank, I did find them an eye sore and to me the lines between street art and graffiti has been crossed. However, I can not the say the same of Beco do Batman, or Batman Alley.

Situated in Sao Paulo’s Vila Madalena district, Batman Alley is vertitable feast for the eyes. The open air graffiti gallery is where the lines between art and graffiti blurs and the creativity, energy and vibrancy of Sao Paulo just sings from the top of its voice!

20140324-162845.jpg Although many of these have been produced by artists associated with Sao Paulo’s intervention schemes, it also attracts a myriad of sprayers and stencilled from all over the world. Prepare to have your style-buds tantalised.











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