New night class…

I’m very partial to a night class (or six) and had to wait patiently for the new term to begin before enrolling. I had found a textiles class and was most excited, well until I called and found out it wasn’t going ahead. “So, what exactly is going ahead this term?” The patient lady rolled through all the crafty creative delights, however aside from the jewellery making classes, I had pretty much been on them all.

“What about Digital Photography?” she asked, hopefully. Well, here’s one I had not done; the last time I was taught photography I was locked in a dark room some, ahem, 20 plus years ago!

It doesn’t matter how many night classes you attend, there’s always first night nerves. I rocked up in a timely fashion, although I was still the last one in. Scanned the room and couldn’t help to notice all the SLR bags and blokes with big lenses – what is it with some men and their desire to have a big one?

First task a terminology quiz – oh, what fun! I actually have an A-level in photography, but aside from ‘aperture’ and ‘jpeg’ the questions/acronyms (all 20 of them) were, whoosh right over my head. Not a great start.

The session continued with us getting to know our cameras and checking out to see what functions we talked about in the quiz we actually had on our camera. Now, I’m the type of gal that really doesn’t do manuals nor tech. You know, I can find my way around a CMS or design package but take me out of my comfort zone and I’m not a happy bunny.

BUT, and yes that’s in capitals for a reason, I concentrated and for the first time in five years I realised my camera was constantly on ‘auto’ and turning it off presented me with lots of options… Now, I’m note sure what these options are, but I’m really looking forward to finding out. I’m off to find my manual now 😉



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