Blossom in the Springtime

I began this project a couple of months ago, when the blossom was blooming and spring had just sprung.

It was for a pal’s 40th who happily celebrated at the weekend, so now I can share my creation with you. My brief from her husband was she likes purple… Yep, that is a lot to go on! So, after a visit to John Lewis haberdashery and a rummage through my scraps of fabric, I selected a colour palette.

20140602-132005.jpg However, with nothing but some purple patches I was seriously left scratching my head. That was until a trip back from the coast, the sun was shining, I’m sure the birds were chirping and the beginnings of spring blooms made me remember a Japanese painting I did several years ago.

20140602-133039.jpg I was keen to try out the free embroidery foot again and obviously there’s not many creations in the House of Wendy that don’t have some sort of sizzix component – a cunning plan was being devised.

So, with threads selected and a multitude of blossoms at hand it was now time to work out this free embroidery foot.


20140602-133746.jpg I first tackled free embroidery under tuition, but I remember it being quite a straight forward technique and quite easy to do. Mmmmm, I was mistaken. I’m not sure whether the thread tension was wrong, the material too thin, or if I’ve just lost my touch; but the first threads to fabric wasn’t a good look!

20140602-134051.jpg The material gathered, the threads bunched up, but I kept soldiering on and slowly but surely added my blossoms on top of the free embroidery.

20140602-134235.jpg By the time I had finished my design, it resembled a dish cloth.

20140602-134439.jpg I had been working on this for several weeks now and was obviously a wee bit disappointed with myself. Only one thing for it, I had to resort to iron power. The hottest setting on my iron, some serious determination and slowly but surely I had managed to iron out most of the creases. Add a couple of yellow blooms to the mix and a complimentary frame and the picture was complete.

20140602-134937.jpg Happy Birthday Lindsey 🙂


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