Oh I do like to be beside the Quayside

After skipping my last session, on location in the city, I sheepishly turned up late with only my last set of photographs of our Quayside trip on my stick. As the others discussed the following weeks session, comparing angles and techniques I jumped on to a PC and looked forward to an hour or so of playing with Photoshop.

The concept was to take one standard run of the mill pix and see how many different ways I could pimp it up. This was my chosen pix; compositionally ok, but dull, dull, dull.

I did have some hopes of keeping it life like.


But, as the minutes ticked tocked by, I reverted back to type – strong graphical crops and my usual smattering of colour and texture.








Class is on vacation for the next two weeks so we have been given some homework; my mission is to take pix of birds… Not sure how I’m going to pimp up the pigeons and seagulls that reside on my street, but sure I’ll give it a go!


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