A frame and a name

And so, the time is near, I faced my last and final photography class! I know, I need to get a grip, but after 12 weeks of indulgence and a lot of learning, I’m getting the shakes about what I’m going to do with with myself on a Tuesday eve… Buy, hey, that’s my issue 😉

My last class was about adding a frame and name to pix – the finishing touches. Being the PhotoToaster addict I am, I was underwhelmed at the prospect, you just press a button (generally the round cornered white box). But, there’s more involved than that!

First of today’s lessons was that Photoshop and PNG files aren’t good bed fellas… When I thought about it, when does apple like to play nice with other applications? But, to be fair, until this evening I didn’t realise PNG are apple files – so much to learn.

Once I got my head around that and re-saved pix as JPEGs it was game on! I have resized images before, but was clueless to what ‘canvas size’ was – yeh, pretty much self explanatory but if you don’t know, you don’t know. For those of you who share my, ahem, ‘lack of knowledge’, it’s what you need to do add frames – none of this just pressing a button – well maybe it is but my tutor is ole skool.

A demonstration was held and we were shown how to add a white border, followed by a black border and then you just do it again – add another black border (making sure you press the compass looking box so it point downwards and just change the height so you can get space to write the title of pix) and bob’s your uncle! Yeh, that sounds simple. Et voila…

20140722-213421.jpg I must admit, I was much more interested in trying to add different colour borders – trying to reflect some of the colours in the pix (although I must admit I am Geordie but the black and white didn’t float my boat – shame on me). So, another handy hint I found was to use the colour droplet tool and pick a colour in the pix and use that to frame it. Mmmm, some interesting results.



20140722-214142.jpg At the end of the sess, we had the pleasure of viewing our creations on the big, big screen. My tutor was enamoured by the fact that I used different fonts – ‘but, each pix is different and evokes a different font’ was my retort – I think I’ve spent too much time with designers.


20140722-214454.jpg I don’t think this is the end of my journey into the world of digital photography; I can’t wait to get the big computer (with photoshop) up and running in the House of Wendy craft room, plus I am really looking forward to funking up Durham. Watch this space x


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