Creation of a craft room

This summer I began a labour of love transferring my spare room into a creative space where I could have fun.

The room was quite a challenge, on many levels; the first being sorting out all the music and tech from which was predominantly a music and tech lover man cave. BTW, just for the record, i’d like to point out that the Orla Keily vinyls were a later addition to the room; not Rob’s taste in deco 😉


The second was the dismantling of my much loved Humpty Dumpty bed – AKA a cabin bed to the rest of the world.

Your know, in the last few years I have became a lot more self sufficient and as you will find later on in the post, I’m quite partial to give anything a go. But, you know, I know my limits and this was above and beyond me. I’m sorry to say, but I needed a big strong man for the job! Enter Mr Baptist. Armed with his big mallet thing and plenty of determination, the bed was dismantled in a few hours and the size of the room realised.

Hey, I did help – I’m not a bad labourer; and here is my input into operation #humptydumpybeddismantle.

BTW Deano, I’m still waiting for you to collect this!
So, one empty room. I was ready to start painting. But, if only if life was that simple. Due to sharing a building with landlord owned properties there was the small problem of leaking guttering and a huge water infestation. To be fair, lil miss Wilson did sort out most of the problem by getting a man round to do manly stuff on half the wall (while I was off gallivanting around the world – thanks Jack), but once I moved the inbuilt unit and decks I soon realised I could not just paint over this…

So, what’s a gal to do? I tried contacting the man, but after a fruitless couple of attempts I felt empowered. I’m quite good at plastering – well I can fill in holes, use my wooden block thing with sand paper; surely it can’t be that hard? A trip to the DIY store and some heavy duty plaster stuff later, first coat applied.

The thing is working with lots of men, you tend to ask them manly stuff, mainly the stuff you don’t know! I was ‘advised’ I needed to skim it to give it a good finish, so off I went to Durham Indoor Markets; I got my special mix and a float. (ladies, at this point I’d like to say unfortunately a float has nothing to do with ice-cream, but is a big trawl thing; if you had a big cake you’d use this to apply the icing). It’s actually not that hard this skimming business, just apply lots of water and make it smooth. I also applied some special, water will not permeate this wall ever, paint. Job done!

Now I can paint and painted I did. I ended up with big white box; I was a happy lady. However, mid way I got tres bored which was remedied by a trip to Ikea and a white frame buying fest. The plan was always to fill the room with all the art I had picked up from my travels. What a treat, this is the bit I like.

However, there was still trouble ahead before I could hang my travelling treasures. I had unit that was too big; not problem off to the shop to buy a saw.

I was, again, advised (very helpful work colleagues) to double / triple mask tape my cutting area. Child’s play, big tick; my unit was fit for purpose – mind, perhaps I should have checked my tool compendium – I already had three saws and there was no reason to visit my new found friend in the market.
Now it was time for the fun part, giving the room some soul (no pun intended there!) This included the putting up of lights, curtains etc.. I decided to keep the curtains i had there, they reminded me of records and I thought that was apt. But, these curtains, on a wire, have been with me for for probably 20 years and throughout the time have been been difficult to hang, even for connoisseurs. But, I had done the plastering and saw thing, couple of drill holes no problem.
OMG, it took nearly two weeks and about five attempts of hanging.

20141010-194348.jpg Just as I admired my work and rushed for my camera, I’d return and they’d be dangling leaving a huge hole to fill, again, with my plaster.

Luckily, I spoke to a work colleague who knew what he was on about (thanks Mr T). I was handed extra long screws (essential for old buildings and ole crumbling walls), the right plugs (and the advice that I may have to use two) and a drill bit – whey hey! It’s been over a months and they are still dangling.


And, ta da…




And, obviously I needed my House of Wendy taking prime position x



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