As easy as A B C

It’s not even 7pm and I’m home from work on a Tuesday evening (a rarity – usually Tuesday is my stay late and get stuff sorted night; but the thought of another report had me running for my car), my vino is poured and it seems far too early for catch up TV, so I thought I’d share one of my holiday projects.

After a visit to Ikea; along side the obligatory white pix frames and candles; I picked up a couple of cushion cover blanks. I did actually need one to make my Mongolian craft room cushion… but as is always the way with Ikea, I bought two.

Sometimes I am consumed with a craft urge and after I’d spent too many days painting white rooms at my parents, being back in the House of Wendy and an afternoon to spare the addiction hit. Aha, cushion cover making time.

With little thought, other than to make a cushion cover, I raided my craft drawer and thought I’d see if I could use all those scrappy bits of material I’ve been hoarding. I fancied something time consuming and fiddly – perfect.

As I began to organise the remnants, I had lots of letters from my mother day and mrs&mrs pix I’d been making. I kind of got a typographic / scrabble type idea materialising.

I really think I had spent far too much at my parents as I began sort out my scraps of fabric. A recent hobby of theirs is jigsaws and subconsciously I must have picked up their jigsaw sorting techniques as I began to sort out my fabric as if it was jigsaw!

As is usually the case, I just started playing with what I had and went down the scrabble theme.

20141014-191841.jpg However, my compendium of letters weren’t really conducive to word play and I am not really not that good at the game, so I changed my approach and did A,B,C.

20141014-192128.jpg To be fair, this ‘really’ was a lot more difficult than it sounded; and yes, by then, I had had a couple of glasses of vino. Design constructed, I thought the next morning would be best to see how good I was at the alphabet. After folding the design away (not a good idea as the letter went all over the place and I had to start from scratch), my bondaweb letters were peeled, heat applied, one cushion cover made and a new addition to the House of Wendy family in situ.

20141014-192613.jpg My pal did ask who it was for – for me was my retort! I did think it’d be a House of Wendy original, but already the so mentioned pal and my sis have ‘subtly’ asked for an easy as A B C cushion cover from Santa 🙂


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