Celebrity guess who

Hello there! It’s Tuesday eve once again – blog time.

I’m sat here feeling particularly smug, life drawing class is tomorrow and I’ve already done my homework – check out super swot; mind it’s a dire shame I wasn’t so conscientious at Art School.

Our task this week was to select a pix of a celeb and copy it. Before the pix, and in my defence, can I please just point out that the exercise was all about light and tone. As a heavy handed missus, I can usually get the blacker than thou areas of the composition, it’s the middle tones I have difficulty with, oh and resemblance. Without further ado…

Ah bless, I always had nightmares over the Shining and you can see by my portrayal why!

The exercise also included drawing the structure of the head. I found this really interesting, I love theory but find it hard to translate into actuals! I’ll include my handout below, but my observations of drawing heads included;

– eyes are in the centre horizontal of the head – always thought they were higher up
– hairline if half way between eye line and top of head
– pupils half way between centre line and face edge
– corner of mouth are in line with the pupils.

This might make more sense.

You know, I think Renaissance art and symmetry must have passed me straight by. The only odd things I recall from A level art life drawing is that your hand is typically the size of your face – yep, I did not realise hands are so huge – go on try it if you don’t believe me. And, the one that most people know; your foot size is the difference between your elbow and your wrist.

For those of us in the class not au fair with proportions and symmetry, we were gently nudged to give it ago.

Whoosh, are you ready for this #surlyselfie.

Don’t worry, I’ve still got another five weeks to improve. Sure, more efforts will be with you soon 😉


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