Addiction replacement?

Happy New Year!

And, yep it’s begun… The month of doom. I’m not talking Mordar here, just the month when we all try to ‘just say no!’.

It’s been a couple of years since I’ve last tried to give up smoking, no excuses here mind, i just wasn’t ready. And this year, my plan was to stop tomorrow (yep, tomorrow when I returned to work and was in my routine). However, as fate played its hand, I had ran out of tabs on Sunday and just couldn’t be bothered to venture to the shops so my ‘just say no’ day began early.

So day two, I know only day two! Already I have my @EmilyPeacock tapestry (ok, cross stitch out) just to keep my hands occupied. The nicotine replacement, stranger than thou, dreams have begun; which is where perhaps this blog should have begun!

If any of you have been on nicotine patches, or the like, you’ll know they make you go nuts for a week or so – not in the regular day-to-day type of way (I think!), but in the bewitching hour… Vivid, strange, yet fantastical dreams. I awoke this morning after visiting super cool interior shops selling my favourite type of hanging paraphernalia – plates! Yep, I’m a bit of a sucker for a nice hanging plate.

So, without further ado, up I ‘spring’ out of bed, grab a cuppa and my usual window side smoking seat but rather than a tab, I grab my machine and start researching how to paint plates. Within 15 mins, research is done and off I trot to Hobby Craft to buy some provisions…

Not only that, I can even face Ikea and buy a full set of crockery – plates today, bowls tomorrow 😉

First off, I go down the easy route – the colour by numbers pens – just doodle and colour in.



Next up, let’s try out the paints – well I had bought five pots! How difficult could this be?

The answer was very! Even with my super fine brush the most subtle marks I made resembled a one year old with a big crayon in its hand. I have been partial to the odd episode of the Antiques Roadshow and now I know why Wedgewood commands the price it does. Not to fear, this was not insurmountable, there’s always an alternative way to use five pots of paints. I got my stamps out, not only my stamps but my paper dollies too – I know that sounds so bad but they were purchased as part of this years nouveau present wrapping fest – that wasn’t well received either 😉

So, day two, no cigarettes yet £60 spent in Hobby Craft – do you think I’ll ever get the point where I give up crafting for NY? Hell no! X


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